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What am I doing NOW?

This page is made to answer this question to a friend I hadn’t meet since one year.

I’m now living in Koh Samui (Thailand) where I work in IT. I try to balance work and personal life to get enough time to:

  • Learn Thaï language
  • Do sport (Muay Thaï, running)
  • Read and learn
  • Spend some time with the people I love

Professional title: Code Alchemist

What do I do? I solve problems for my customers, usually writing tools that save them time and money.

Why? I’m fortunate to have my passion being my also my work, that makes me rather good in my field. Furthermore, as I like to solve problems and that people are ready topay me well to do so, I earn my living well doing what I love.

(Last edited 22/05/2024)

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